Put Down the Phone! / by Mahting Putelis

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Put Down the Phone!

I say, Put Down the Phone!

There is a wild world in front of you. 

Put it down and look up. 

Look up and be amazed. 

An ever-changing kaleidoscope is whirling in front of you.


The earth is magic.

It’s got every color and sound and whimsical serendipity waiting for you.

Go wander, get lost, who knows what you’ll see. 

The pica chirp,

The lonesome goat scramble,

The rock weasel sneaking and peaking. 



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Put down the phone and listen. 

The wind howls harmony with the mountain tops.

Pines creak with excitement, 

Elk bugle with the turning of a golden leaf.

Listen, you just might hear yourself speak.


Put down the phone and know yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to look inside, your soul has something new to share. 

There is no selfie that will speak to you. 

Listen to the lyrics that play along with your heartbeat. 

That rhythm is yours and yours alone.


Go Be,



Put down the phone.

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