False Summits - Continued Success in Entrepreneurship  / by Mahting Putelis

Imagine you're hiking up a steep mountainside. You look up the mountain and finally see the horizon. You think you're almost to the top, but upon cresting the next bump you realize that it was only a false summit and that another summit looms in the distance. There is a moment right before you realize the false summit that you relax and a sense of accomplishment engulfs you. And as quickly that feeling is gone as you put your head down and march towards the next summit. I have found this same feeling over and over as I have grown two businesses over the last 3 year. 


When we created Hunt To Eat, I had no idea how to make a t-shirt. We made a t-shirt and I felt the relief and sense of accomplishment. We sold a t-shirt, again, accomplishment. We reached 500 followers on Instagram, then 1000, then 18k, every time, a deep sense of accomplishment and relaxation. Similarly, yet slower, brands have come for photographs. First for social media, then a magazine, a magazine cover, and most recently I saw a full catalog of my work. The process is a is a catch 22. By standing on the false summit your world expands and the idea of what's possible grows. The next false summit arises before you. The next batch of shirt designs await, the next bigger brand looms. 

And so success is fleeting. No matter the success there is another goal that arises for which I strive. It is a personality trait that can be seen as a positive attribute or a disorder. My goals are ever evolving. I trend towards setting realistic goals.  I know that in the future I will annihilate the goals I set today. This year we donated $5,000 to conservation efforts. Next year I would like to reach $10,000. Ultimately I would like to be giving a million a year,  I'd like to work in philanthropy full time.  If today I set that as a goal I feel like the mountain would loom too large, I'd be terrified of it, but the false summits offer workable goals.

This post is inspired by a piece of art created by Semi-Rad.