Legendeer is dedicated to embedding artists back into the world. They design tools and programs to facilitate creative pioneers in pursuit of authenticity and cultural impact across a broad range of mediums.

In the spring of 2017 participants of Legendeer Zion sat for portrait sessions.  They explored their growth as artists and delved into conversations about community, creation, empowerment, humility, and more. After having guided participants through the wilds of Zion, Mahting had observed unique qualities in every participant. Shooting their portraits was an attempt to draw out those qualities and amplify the story of each individual.

This is the first time Mahting has generated a body of work he describes as Art. The Legendeer program has been a catalyst and lynchpin for him professionally and as an artist. The Legendeer Scholarship Fund is born out of his personal story and goes back nearly 20 years. Having barely graduated high-school, he saw no way to attend college. Mrs. Mills, his high school counselor, had other ideas. On his behalf, she applied for a scholarship, and he was awarded enough money for the first semester of college. He seized the opportunity and propelled himself to where he is today. With your help, we raised enough money on the openign night of the show to fund a full scholarship to Legendeer 2018. Details on how to apply for the scholarship are forthcoming. 




Don Ray Stevens

Illustrator. Graphic Artist

Donny has worked with a broad range of people around the world to increase their recognition through the visual inspiration of art.Donny understands the importance of grabbing an onlookers’ interest by creating designs and art that colorfully capture the imaginations of those passing by.He has helped establish and build many companies ranging in size from small local breweries, like Martin House Brewing to the globally recognized organizations including Ocean Preservation Society, OPS.In his spare time, you can find Donny speaking about philosophy on long nature hikes with his friends, until the drugs wear off and he realizes that he was slurring dad jokes to pigeons in an abandoned Denny’s parking lot.


Hannah Viano

Artist. Illustrator

Living and creating in Washington’s Methow Valley. Her work is done with an x-acto knife and paper, using simple tools to create graphic images and capture the essential lines of a place or subject. Her projects strive to combine science, art, and natural history in ways that foster appreciation for our environment, kindle curiosity and develop sense of place. Beyond original art pieces, this comes to life in children’s books, teaching residencies, and public art installations.


Instagram: @hannahviano


Andrea Slusarski

Artist. Teacher. Adventure Seeker.

Andrea Slusarski is a painter and educator from Denver, Colorado. Drawing from the landscapes she surrounds herself in, her work aims to capture the place of exploration and feeling of nature. She hopes to inspire adventure in others and enjoy the process of creating in the great outdoors.


Instagram: @drawingfromnature


Steven Streisguth

Multidisciplinary Designer. Artist. Cyclist.

After his first Legendeer experience, Steven could no longer endure being stuck inside his studio space after his 9-5 gig, so he decided to start putting in some saddle time on the roads and trails of Northern California. Armed with just a brush pen and jersey-pocket sized sketchbook, he began jotting down quick landscape studies in between bites of Clif bars during breaks on his training rides. This unusual combination of activities quickly gained the attention of other riders, and was the beginning of many of friendships in both the cycling and design communities. Most importantly, it was through this practice that Steven discovered how significantly these two communities overlapped, forming a supportive network for all aspects of his personal and professional interests.


Instagram: @lowfi_steve


Jason Chapman

Illustrator. Mixed Media. Guide

Jason creates with the purpose of educating, advocating and inspiring others to live intentionally and passionately. The largely conceptual nature of his work focuses on inciting an emotional response to social, political and scientific issues. Ultimately, through honest, objective and authentic visual reporting grounded by his personal experiences, he aims to promote behavior that is proactive, rather than simply reactive, and to facilitate positive change in the world.

Jason’s work is heavily influenced by his passions for the outdoors, science, history, environmental issues and cultural studies. Also, he particularly draws inspiration from Renaissance paintings, vintage propaganda art and Japanese sumi ink paintings. Jason has a MFA in Illustration, a PhD in Biochemistry and has been a climbing and backpacking guide in Alaska for nearly a decade. He lives in Park City, UT.


Instagram: @jasonchapman


Martin Lutz

Painter. Concept Designer

Los Angeles based artist Martin Lutz work tends to focus on the darker side of the fantastic. Using both watercolor and digital tools, his paintings mix abstract and geometric design with realistically rendered elements.


Instagram: @lutzbot


Harriet Webb

Illustrator. Printmaker.

Hailing from England, Harry mainly works from observational and on location drawings.  She creates layered images for use in print, publishing, products and illustrative design projects. She holds a Masters of Illustration from the Arts University of Bournemouth where she specialized in drawing as enquiry and printmaking but currently works for the National Trust on the amazing Brownsea Island located in Dorset.

Harry's work stems from her love of being outdoors and the beauty of the natural world. She has a passion for the outside, choosing to spent time out amongst the elements as well as back in the studio, and using drawing and printmaking to document and describe people, the environment and narratives.

Harry draws with an assortment of materials including watercolour, paint, ink, pencil, charcoal and prints with lino, monoprint and screens. She is always experimenting, seeking to understand processes, and creating images in exciting locations. Her practice is based in drawing as research and is informed and inspired by the amazing landscapes and seascapes can be found near her home in England and around the world.


Instagram: @harryloves2draw


Nicholas Elias


Based in Long Island, New York, Nick approaches every piece with a focus on narrative and emotion. He has a passion for adventure and a love for history and mythology. His aim as an artist is to ignite one’s imagination, engage with emotions empathetically, and transport the audience to another time and place.


Instagram: @eliasillustration


Jordan EuDaly

Mixed Media

An ordinary girl with an extraordinary desire to celebrate the image of God in people, places, nature and patterns on earth through mixed media art


Instagram: @jordanhaleyart

Key "Maelstrm" Clark

Mixed Media Illustrator. Poet

He has been frequently spotted in the Upper Midwest. Reports suggest that he may currently live in St.Paul, MN. By most accounts, he is an elusive character and is best known for his illustration and design work. Not much is known about him, but his work is quite prolific.

Those who have met him report that he is very poetic and has a strange aura of magic. During a recent interview, a witness suggested, "he's complicated, and his work is as diverse as his interests". It's hard to separate fantasy from fiction when it comes to describing Maelstrm. But if you're curious to know more, it's recommended you start with his Instagram page.


Instagram: @Maelstrm


Julia Luft

Painter. Adventurer

Julia Luft aims to create ambiguous narratives for the viewer to project themselves into. By illustrating a wide range of people interacting with different environments, she omits specificity in hopes that people will fill in the blanks with their own stories and interpretations, answering the questions of who, where, and why. Her interest in human interaction and curiosity extends throughout her life and she is inspired by everyday conversation with both loved ones and strangers.


Instagram: @Jckluft


Elizabeth Ellis

Mother. Painter.

Born and raised in Alaska, she now lives in a small mountain community alongside the Turnagain Arm. She is a mother by day and artist by night. Through her artwork, she tries to bring the outside in. She believes that living with beautiful objects pays tribute to the natural world and reminds one to slow down and help reconnect with nature. Her art and her life are inspired by adventures around the ocean and through mountains. Elizabeth is an independent spirit, a need to create her own style of work rather that suit the conventional marketplace.


Instagram: @elizabeth_artist_ellis


Luke Schutzman

Artist. Adventurer. Educator

Professional storyteller and wanderer, Luke Schutzman hails from the woods and creeks of Kentucky where he can be found looking for salamanders and planning his next adventure. Luke's work is motivated by a need to experience and share the living world with the people around him through interpretation, art making, and adventure travel.  As a wildlife educator Luke has taught across multiple institutions and currently shares his fascination with wildlife with visitors at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.  In his travels Luke seeks out diverse environments and cultures to record in his sketchbooks.  From these experiences come observational work rooted in fact and imagined fictions inspired by life


Instagram: @lukeshutzman